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The Wooster Brush Company proudly manufactures over 2000 tools for painters of every ability to enjoy. The company features more than 888,000 square feet of room for administration, processing, shipping and warehousing. No one compares to the industry experience that Wooster Brushes presents. With over 650 employees with an average 13-year service record, the Wooster Brush Company is dedicated to its crew. Our imaginative ideas, quality specifications and creativity have excelled across engineering departments, graphic design, printing and in-house production.


Establishing in 1851, the Wooster Brush Company was among the initial American paint applicator manufacturers. Adam Foss founded the company. He relocated from Pennsylvania to Ohio and began the company. In the early days, he started making handmade bristle paintbrushes. In Wooster, Ohio, he began the business in a 2-story building. Next, the brushes were sold all around the state by door-to-door procedures.

The organization purchased land on Madison Avenue in 1909 to create a new factory. The building was two-hundred feet long and seventy feet in width. This facility gave them three times more floor space than previously. This building has become the headquarters location in Wooster, Ohio.

The business has just elected 9 presidents since Adam initiated it. In August 2010, William S. Fagert took over as president. He's been alongside the Wooster Brush Company since 1985.

Many market milestones have been achieved with the company during its 165 years of performance.

Inventing the angle sash paint brush and the Shasta® design.

Wooster presented the first synthetic roller covers and fabrics which have grown to become the industry standard.

Created the particular “Foss-set” practice for cementing bristles directly into paintbrushes.

The Exploded-Tip® was developed to generate soft flags along the ends of the filaments.

Wooster became the first brush company to work with nylon filaments for latex treatments and revolutionized painting we all know it.

For this reason The Wooster Brush Company has expanded to become the most innovative developer of brush applicators in the business. The Wooster Brush Company has proudly constructed a lot of the industry’s best products. Wooster is pleased to offer innovative new products annually. The Wooster Brush Company makes more items than any other high-quality paint applicator manufacturer. The organization is proudly “Made in America,” and has handed over this patriotism for generations.

Attributes of an Awesome Brush


Superior brushes are manufactured with synthetic filaments, long-lasting blends, China’s best bristles, strong ferrules and comfy, supportive handles. The Wooster Brush Company takes advantage of the highest-quality products from across the globe to develop its products. If we are not able to source the supplies we need, we generate our own.


The filament or tip is the most fundamental part of the paint brush. How the filament or end or finish is manufactured is directly related to performance. Every paint brush company defends their proprietary tipping methods carefully since this is what makes the brush and brand-specific.


Have a look at the paint brush edgewise. Discover if the tapers graduate to a point and if they do, you will definitely enjoy better control. The tapered filament brushes allow paint to flow and develop a more even finish thanks to better coverage. To improve cutting-in techniques, try to pump the paint onto the surface. While un-tapered or level filament paint brushes are less expensive, they drastically sacrifice coverage, control and surface capacity.

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