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If you'd like excellent painting success, Shurtape delivers. We know that careful attention to detail is crucial for the ideal painting results. We provide products which honour your determination to quality. Helping you acquire perfection is something we take pride in. This has been our leading principle since we launched our mission in 1955.

Created in North Carolina, Shurtape Technologies LLC is a privately-owned corporation. We happily are involved with lots of markets including transportation, HVAC, painting and packaging. We're actively engaged with different clients and markets and craftspeople which use our tape to achieve the best standards.

As the organization grows, our victory remains stable based on our genuine relationships with our artisans and clients. We are thankful for our dedicated customer base. Developing products which perform reliably, offering express shipping and delivery and fantastic customer service is what we stand by. These are the reasons why we continually develop, invest and distribute our products.

For the maximum adhesion properties, try Shurtape and enjoy the difference. Tape that is intended for craftspeople. Precise details enter into every step of the formation, manufacturing, invention, and the distribution.

Our staff is invested in striving to enhance every tape roll. This product exceeds expectations for every industry it is utilized for including packaging, painting, transportation and HVAC. We back up our products and our people.

Our brand is consistent from our goods to our advertising, to our sales people and our digital footprint. Delivering the best is essential. There are particular rules and guidelines the company follows to guarantee the company’s brand equity and brand leadership.


Our brand position is being “the Modern Craftsman’s Choice.” Therefore, craftspeople move toward Shurtape due to the value, quality and dedication of their hobby and want to use products which reflect those values. Every part of the company’s marketing strategy represents these ideals.


Making our merchandise easily identifiable in the USA and elsewhere contributes to our success. Brand identity is strong for every kind of packaging, displays, promotion and materials to confirm consistency.


Sub-brands continually flourish under the Shurtape umbrella that follows consistent positioning relating to voice and brand. An excellent example is ShurSEAL.


The company’s team of Brand Stewards specializes in consistency throughout marketing copy, packaging, advertising, promotion materials and every aspect by checking over each file as it is formulated.

The Consumer and Craftsman Group generates every Shurtape retail product for the brand. This group employs established practices for granting and reviewing items created for the Shurtape Brand.

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