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Trimaco offers a robust collection of products. We work tirelessly to go the extra mile for our clients the same way you want to exceed your customer’s expectations. Let our selection of jobsite protection equipment, personal and surface selection including wipe cloths, dust containment, protective wear, paint strainers, tape and masking tape. The requirements of our clients influence and encourage the products we produce. Confidently complete the job with accuracy and productivity. We provide nationwide distribution to simplify having access to our lineup.

Trimaco History

With strong client support, innovative ideas, integrity and expertise, Trimaco was formed in 1906. The company values constructing relationships with people to create the finest quality products. The company is an industry leader for crafting paint products for building, auto industries, disaster restoration, facilities maintenance, marine and flooring surfaces. A variety of products are available for jobsite applications and personal projects.

Supplying complete jobsite protection is their primary goal. Located in Morrisville, North Carolina you will find plants located over the USA and internationally. We provide punctual delivery and export products internationally. Some of our destinations include Elk Grove Village, IL; Ridgefield, WA; Manning, SC; and Surprise, AS.

Around the Clock Support

Professional customer service reps, product leaders, marketing teams, sales and the purchasing department are on hand 24 hours a day to secure clients everything they need. They're proud to present complete service 24-hours each day. As the industry leader in surface protection, our quality commitment doesn’t stop with the products we make.

Our plants are conveniently located throughout the U.S. to deliver products efficiently. Supplying the best client experience available is vital to the company’s success. If you have specific product questions, review the resources pages for more info. View our catalog, videos and sales sheets. We would like to get you the jobsite protection products you require quickly and efficiently.


Which surface protection products are available?

Surface protection encompasses items that stop abrasions and destruction to surfaces including flooring and countertops. Trimaco has numerous surface protection goods that help any surface stay secure. Items such as counters, carpets, stainless steel surfaces and hardwood floors and more. Trimaco products is designed for heavy traffic areas, stains, paint, forklift traffic, water and even more. Popular surface protection solutions from Trimaco include surface area shields, drop clots in canvas or plastic, masking paper and much more.

How do I clean a drop cloth?

Please note that not all of our dropcloths are washable; however, some are. Consult your label. Fabric drop cloths can be machine washed in warm water and hung to dry or placed into a dryer on minimal heat. These dropcloths may shrink slightly. These items may become less resistant against spills once they are rinsed. These conditions also impact the drop cloths that are backed with a butyl-coating, known as the Rubber-Duckie version. Please note that the One Tuff, Stay Put Canvas and Butyl II drop cloths won't be washed traditionally. Erase up any spills instantly with a rag to prevent any paint spills.

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