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FrogTape is a vital painting tool. It is in every pro painter’s supplies and is cured with PaintBlock technology for stunning results. This tape was specifically formulated specifically with latex paint. A micro-barrier is created by the PaintBlock around the edges of the tape as it creates a chemical reaction with the water in the latex. This inhibits the paint from bleeding to create a clean finish.

How Does PaintBlock Technology Work?

PaintBlock is considered an SAP or sodium-based cross-linked Superabsorbent Polymer. It is ideal for absorbing and retaining large quantities of liquid in contrast to its own mass. Countless industries count on these items like feminine hygiene products, paper towels and diaper items.

Why Is FrogTape Packaged In A Plastic Container?

The tape is a vital tool and preserving it dry and clean is a lot easier when it travels in a plastic canister. The canister packaging stops the FrogTape from being destroyed while keeping debris and dirt away. The empty canisters are terrific to recycle or use in your shop for nails, fasteners, mounting bolts, nuts, etc.

What is the timeline for leaving the FrogTape Delicate Surface product on my walls and trim?

The FrogTape Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape may be left on newly painted surfaces a minimum of 24 hours before being removed without leaving any sticky residue. Faux finish paint or wallpaper can deal with it for 2 months or 60 days before painting. To reduce the risk of having fresh paint tear it is recommended to remove the masking tape as soon as your painting is finished.

What is the timeframe for leaving FrogTape Multi-Surface on a location that is directly in the sun?

This kind of FrogTape offers a week of UV resistance. Typically, masking tape is immediately removed once the painting is complete to generate crisp results.

How long can FrogTape Multi-Surface stay on my trim or walls?

This item can come off residue-free from the majority of locations for 21 days as well as 7 days in direct sun. To avoid the risk of having your fresh paint tear accidentally, it is recommended that the masking tape is taken off right after you complete painting.

How long can FrogTape be left on before I need to take it off of the surface?

We suggest removing the painter’s tape when the paint is still wet. If the paint has dried and it is pulling up with the tape, or discover that the paint is cracking along the paint line as you’re removing the tape. If this happens, stop pulling the tape and use a razor blade to score the tape instead. For better removal and a cleaner finish, separate the seal between the paint and the tape.

Why won’t my FrogTape stick to the walls?

Whenever your walls have been painted and the tape won’t stick, it could indicate that the paint is not thoroughly cured. If the surface was improperly prepared, another reason it can lift off the wall is if it was stretched while you applied it. You must ensure the surface is dust-free and clean to offer the best paint adhesion. A wall paint primer is great to use first to cover flaws and deliver a pristine base for the paint to adhere to.

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