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Old Masters

Old Masters is known for its’ fine wood stains and finishes. You'll find this brand at independent hardware stores, paint distribution stores and specialized woodworking shops. Old Masters merchandise is suitable for woodworking enthusiasts and professional carpenters.

Small Town Origins

The company is from Iowa. The business has been generating high-quality products since 1926. Old Masters was established by a Dutch immigrant. The company started making paint treatments in a garage and afterward grew to selling products to many sectors. The company mandate is simple, to deliver a quality solution that is much greater than client expectations. This heritage is behind the company’s success.

Old Masters Brand

Old Masters generates its finishes and stains in a old fashioned artisan approach. These wood-finishing cures have been designed to celebrate the skills and talents designed by a professional.Create timeless woodworking pieces by defending them with “Craftsman Quality Finishes.” The Old Masters tagline says all of this.

Rely on Old Masters Topcoat

Choosing and working with an adequate topcoat is a superb way to offer tough, long-lasting protection. Protect your project from surface abrasions, deterioration from alcohol or water, chipping and marring by using a clear topcoat finish. There is extra UV protection available in the exterior finishes product line. Keep your wood pieces protected from exposure to Mother Nature, water and wind.

Proper topcoat choice is vital since every clear finish is engineered uniquely to benefit particular applications. The Gel Polyurethane is a great option for collectibles and furniture finishes; however, this product would operate poorly as a flooring solution. Study and read the product labels to make sure you purchase the proper finish. You will find a clear finish selection guide that can help you determine which top coat will best suit your needs.

Maintain long-lasting beauty on your exterior and interior finishes by taking care of the surfaces. Corrosion is a common topic with Mother Nature. It is recommended to reapply outdoor exterior clear finishes every 24 months; although, things that are continuously in the sunshine may need an annual coating for the maximum protection.

Obtain Superior Protection With a Topcoat

A protective, clear topcoat is vital for keeping your wood staining and finishing products secure.

Ensure you are working in an area with excellent ventilation. Use a moistened rag to clean the exterior and remove any dust. Delicately stir the product with care before using but don’t shake it or else you will produce air bubbles. Projects that need more than one container are suggested to combine containers and mix to generate a uniform gloss before application. Testing the finish on a hidden surface can help you assess if adequate adhesion is happening. Take care not to use in sunny or windy locations. Avoid using clear, water-based finishes with tack rags as you'll get fuzz and debris in your finish.

Take these steps into account when applying a clear finish to properly prepared wood:

1. Invest in a 2” or 2.5” China bristle brush to apply your clear finish.

2. Bubbles can destroy your pristine coating. Avoid them by carefully applying the finish in light and even applications. Always follow the grain direction and use marginal brush strokes to create a smooth finish. Do not apply thick applications of the finish since this can lead to drips or creases during the drying routine.

3. Allow the finish to dry extensively. Every product is different so check the packaging for drying times. Depending on which finish you use, the drying time will vary.

4. Use 220 grit sandpaper to softly sand between applications. It will help the finish adhere better and produces a nicer result. Allow prolonged drying time in the event the sandpaper gums up. Remove any sanding debris with a clear rag to provide a clean finish.

5. Read the packaging to ascertain how much product to reapply and how long to wait between coats. A minimum of 2 coats is advisable for interior applications. Three applications are best for exterior applications. Each product has unique instructions and detailed packaging information.

6. Allow the item to have a 24-hour rest period minimum before exposing surfaces to nominal use. Take additional care the first week after applying to allow the object to cure to its toughest ability. Avoid significant traffic on floor applications. After employing your last finish coat, wait a few days or a the least 72 hours prior to placing the furniture back. Don’t slide the furniture as this will leave scratches. Ask for help and gently lift it into the desired location. Allow the floors cure for at least a week before cleaning them or putting rugs down.

Application Tips

Before the finish dries, use a firm-bristle artist brush to remove any lint that may have affixed itself.

Ensure your work area is free from dust before finishing to help keep the finish spot-free. Avoid using solvent-based finishes in areas that don’t have adequate ventilation as they are brimming with harmful vapours.

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