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For more than 5 decades, superior tools were produced by Alfred Richard. He concluded after fifty years to sell his company to the Gregoire and Panfili families. They committed to carrying on a family-run corporate operation. In 1942, the A. Richard Company relocated to Berthierville.

A third-generation collection of the Panfili and Gregoire families took control in 1997 from the senior generations. A. Richard kept more than eighty-five percent of the Canadian hand tool market place and joined Hyde Tools, Inc. in 2003.

A. RICHARD Expands

By 2006, A. Richard took over a roller and paintbrush provider and producer called Roultech. The assembly and marketing experience of A. Richard combined well with the expertise offered by Roultech to produce a winning strategy for the applicator market.
A. Richard acquired Roultech in 2006, a paint brush and roller supplier and distributor. This became a prosperous acquisition as the two companies joined together their expertise in product development and marketing. Nowadays, the business creates more than 1200 items that are sold in fourteen countries.


Staying focused upon offering exceptional customer satisfaction via high-quality products and expertise helps the corporation stay successful. Every item has been diligently designed to meet the most rigid standards for a number of needs.

Ensuring the hand tools are comfortable to operate, eco-friendly and durable is part of their quality management. We have the top standards to help you enjoy the best choice.


Making and circulating unique, innovative products on the cutting edge of hand tools used for coating preparation and application. Renowned by business oriented and private groups alike, these hand tools simplify large painting tasks and supply exceptional results.

Building unique and innovative hand tools specific for preparation and coating installation and distributing them is what our organization specializes in. Boost your productivity and your productivity with our user-friendly hand tool components. Dealing with North America’s top distributor and primary manufacturer will help you obtain the best results.

We proudly provide a full tool lineup to help you simplify all of your preparation and coating jobs. Our high inventory turnover, precise shipping and rapid delivery let us offer a seamless purchasing process.


A. Richard recognizes that its’ huge success is due to all of the folks who contribute to the company’s innovation and brand enforcement each day. The organization began with wood and plastic producing and grew to become an injection mould leader. The company flourished by creating production robots for hand tool assembly. By being associated with every step along the way, the company has rigid quality assurance.

Outperforming the competitors is one of the most effective ways A. Richard doesn’t have to compete with any competition. There is a 3D printer, three technicians, an ergonomist designer and 2 engineers that make up the Research & Development team. The business has a assortment of patents for numerous products. There are around 1200 separate products in the existing product lineup that are available in 14 countries internationally. The corporation is proud to be rated among the most essential hand tool companies on the planet. Approximately 12 million tools are made by the company on a yearly basis.

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